About Us

At long last, our dream is in progress as we launch into a new/old adventure. Two of us started this venture approx. 7 years ago, one german, one americano. Then a few years later Christina (also German) joined us. Our combined skills include building, architecture design, education, teaching, library, school psychology–dealing w/ mentally handicapped– plus overall general experience in communities. We have established good friendships and connections with the people in the surrounding pueblos, and gained their respect.

We bought the land and put in the infrastructure. Currently, four houses are finished; the primary one also has three rentals. (3rd one is Christina’s private home)

Over time, we have had various interested visitors come and go. The primary reason for the rentals is to accommodate potential, serious new members, so we can get to know each other; secondly, to create income.

Our project is not intended for profit nor investment. Instead, we are looking for pioneers who have the ability to lay the ground work for long-term living and retiring in this single-family and future co-housing community. As time went by, we’ve been making plans for a retirement community; site work and building plans are done. Bottom line is to care for each other and the ‘larger family’ without ending up in a strange retirement home. Our plan is to bring in assistance as needed.

The average temperature here 76 degrees, and we have two seasons: wet and dry. Everybody looks forward to rainy season to start new crops, also more water for our established plantings. We put in a thousand plants, including coconut palms(which line our entrance road), papayas, citrus, mangoes, bananas, plantains, yucca, hardwood trees, plus establishing gardens and field crops, semi-organic (still trying to co-exist w/ mother nature, see what she allows us to grow). Down here, permaculture is a whole new ballgame, esp. when met with hungry creatures ranging from leaf-cutter ants to 4 ft. long iguanas! That’s why we built a greenhouse. We can protect our vegetables with netting and not spray…